MIXES DISOWNED - GRAFFITI BREAKZ 16th June 07' (GB01 Studio mix)

DISOWNED - GRAFFITI BREAKZ 16th June 07' (GB01 Studio mix)

OK BDR crew if you came down to Graffiti Breakz @The Purple Turtle on the 16th of june and supported us you will know what an absolutley amazing night it turned out to be. We couldnt have wished for a better launch event and a better crowd to do it with. The graffers were goin all nite and every DJ Rinsed it out to the max with The Mc Mash Clan and DJ Nee doin some serious damage on the dance floor. My set was last of the evening and I had a chance to play some stuff that had been collecting cobwebs in my room for a while and fuck me didi that go down well, by the last half hour the whole place was goin mad. As I said if you were there you will know what Im talkin about if not make sure that you get yourselves down to the next one on Friday the 7th of September @The Purple Turtle. Take it easy and see ya at the next one.

( ps this is not the live set from the night its an exact copy studio version and maximum respect goes out to AG MAN for the spray can intro you gotta be at the next one mate...ez )

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