MIXES Disowned - Braindrop - 29th February 08' Hot

Disowned - Braindrop - 29th February 08'

Wow what a unforgetable nite Braindrop 023 turned out to be!!. I got to play to a massive crowd of Hardcore Hungry ravers and played some tracks that ive been gagging to rinse out on a massive system ever since I was 15!. Lyrical master and all round cheeky sod MC Cutter gave it all hes got and hyped the Braindrop family to the max like only he knows how, meanwhile the dance floor erupted into a frenzy of flying arms and massive grins. All in all I had an unforgetable night and by the last 20mins of the set we had a stage full of dancers and people sitting on there m8s shoulders with hands reaching up and into the sky.

Id like to thank Dudgy, Hallmark and Kumar for giving me the slot straight after them, its what I always wanted and appriciate it more than you could know.... : )

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