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LUNA-C - LUNA-C FM 2 (Supaset 6)

LUNA-C FM2 is here at last!. I got the CD a while ago now and let me tell you this one is his best by far. The Ghost town crossed with the avalanches remix is excellent and ive played it out a few times now. Theres also a kniteforce megamix at the end of the mix that knocks the shit out of all the previous ones. All in all its a mix and a half and is one of our most recommended downloads.

If you havent heard already Luna-C has now launched his new and revolutionary web site It will in time allow anybody to remix tracks from the kniteforce back catalouge for free and will then give them away free on the web site itself. This is going to be AMAZING. At the moment the very first track from the very first Kniteforce is available to remix and the winner is gonna have there track put on the next KFA vinyl release. This all sounds to amazing to be be real!!!. Check out the site. Its got so much in store..

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