MIXES VIBES - DREAMSCAPE 23 30th November 96' Hot

VIBES - DREAMSCAPE 23 30th November 96'

This set from Dreamscape 23 is one of my personal favorites and im putting this up here in the vain of pure and total self undulgence, its extremley cheesy, very short (23 mins) not even mixed that well, and even has obvious sound quaility probs at the end prob due to fucked stylus, dirty vinyl ect. BUT I LOVE IT!, its got this super meloncholy happiness pervading every track that seems to say 'im happy' for no reason and so what if i am! its super stupid to the point of totaly emersion in absolute detachment from any attempt at being trendy or cool and ends up being one of the best antidotes to caring about anything! for if he can get away with playing music this stupid and yet end up making me this happy, anything is possible.. also Mc Lively is on top form sounding more like a cockney barrow man with ADHD than ever.. wicked set so glad i found it as the tape i had is long gone.. enjoy fibble ect...dfkjhdsp754n3=-oc ;/nyu-.... :) Vibes is still playin out in todays Hardcore scene check out his Bebo profile below...

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