DOUGAL - DREAMSCAPE 17 vs 18 1995

This is another, even more vintage than the ones from lower down the page, set from the legendary Dreamscape. Dougal wasnt one of my favorites from back then but as I go over the sets from the different events some DJs happened to be having a good nite and others not so good, probably off there head on something or the decks were set up badly in there arena etc, whatever the reasons, on the recordings from this rave the Brisk set is a bit random and sloppy, defo not what you would expect from him, dougal sets from back around 94/95 I felt were sometimes lacking in care, it could seem like he was just playing records instead of making the most of his time on the decks, this set however is very different, its mixed very well and has a real feel of a journey through sound or a very real experience being had (at least for the the first 25mins or so, last 20 min slightly more random), theres a really good track about half way through that was used in the film "Human Traffic" but as a more updated House version, this is the original hardcore track, also just to add to the nostalga theres a break in the music in the middle were MC Magika announces that Dreamscape has won best Dance Organistaion in a Eternity magazine poll, Eternity magazine had a MASSIVE impact on my life and was and still is the best magazine I ever came across, it was forced out of business because it was to bold and dared to say to much, If anyone out there has a large number of copies maybe we could start a online re-issue of the magazine with scaned in pages.. I for one would be very happy if that came about... Eternity..I miss you... Dougal is still playin out in todays Hardcore scene check out his label website below...

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