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LUNA-C SUPASET 8 (podcast version)

After what has seemed like ages the next instalement in the Supaset series has arrived!!!. This one took a little longer as Luna-c had to rebuild his website and finalize his move to the U.S. whilst putting it together. This is the Podcast version which was released as the first podcast on the new website ( It has Luna-c talking over it although this is not very often with about 25min or longer gaps between talking, as soon as the clean version comes out ill get it on here.

This is a mad as fuck set with some very strange and twisted remakes of tracks new and old, im likin the creep remix and the 50's and 60's section as well as the 99 red balloons remake.

Luna-c's new site is like a dream come true for me and im sure many other feel the same way. It has an ENORMOUSE amount of free music in mixable track versions all at high quaility mp3 rates. The entire old Kniteforce back catalalouge is ther plus new releases for free in the form of Kniteforce Digital. Have a look around the site as it took me a while to find everything and trust me... theres alot!!!

No track list at present