MIXES Disowned - Braindrop - 5th December 08'

Disowned - Braindrop - 5th December 08'

After an extended wait ive finally managed to get my set from Braindrop 028# up on BDR. The night itself was really enjoyable and I had loads of great chats with Braindrops many friendly faces old and new. Cutter was in his usual cheeky as fuck mood and keeps mentioning his favorite new passtime.. "Sack Attack" throughout the set, if ya dont know what it is google it youll soon find out and realise what hes up to... dont get to freaked out!!!

I went for a darker style mix with lots of Breakbeat choonage in the first half of the set, Ragga Muffins massive Lovin track went down a storm and Cutter made sure everyone in the place knew who was responsable for the carnage.. I had a great time and got to play recently released Kniteforce remix at Braindrop for the first time, which was very pleasing to say the least...!  All in all I had a wicked nite with some amazing people and it was a great Braindrop to leave 2008 on..

heres to 2009... : )

Track list...

1) OldskoolSkool Autopsy / Organ Donors
2) Heart Attack / Spinback & Storm
3) What Time is Love / THE KLF (Organ Donors remix)
4) Altern8 / Activ8 (Organ Donors remix)
5) Transition track
6) Psyco Taxi Ride / Clangface vs D-Con
7) Cutters Mutters / The Candyman
8) Dawn of Rockets / Amnexiac
9) Transition track
10) Pressure Rush / CLSM
11) King of the Jungle / The Panacea (DJ Skuds Burnt out Raver remix)
12) Transition Sample
13) Lovin / Raggamuffin vs The Trashman
14) Chartbreaka / The Panacea
15) Edge of Madness / Luna-C (Disowned Re-Cycled remix)
16) Lucifer Satan Damien / The Panacea
17) Beyond us / Rampant & Obie vs Darwin
18) BodySlam / Billy Bunter' Rob Vanden and D-Zyne (CLSM remix version 2)
19) Bodyslam / Billy Bunter' Rob Vanden and D-Zyne (CLSM remix version 1)
20) Enjoi / Brak
21) Facetime / Brak (Luna-c remix)
22) PSA / 2 Damn Tuff vs RLD (A.M.S. remix)
21) Crowd Control / AC Slater (Luna-C remix)
22) Kniteforce Megamix 2007 / Luna-C (Disowned Extended 95' Classics REFIX)
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