MIXES DISOWNED - ALAWEEN - 29th October 2010 Hot

DISOWNED - ALAWEEN - 29th October 2010

This is another set that should have gone on the site back in 2010 but somehow got lost in the depths of my multiple external hard drives...

Since this event back in October 2010 ALAN has gone from strength to strength, now having a list of hugely successful raves under their belt. Also their joint events with Acidic Records and Wonderland known as simply as "The Elysian Project" have grown considerably in size and popularity.

For 2012 the ALAN crew have kindly booked me for their forthcoming event at the Brixton Jamm, on the ominous date of the 21st of December... the ALAN ravers are a pure delight to play for but...lets hope we all make it through the night.. who knows what could happen...; )

Track List...

1) Current Value - Dark Rain
2) Shitmatt - Pump the Kin
3) LUNA-C & Dair - Ready to Rumble (Panacea Remix)
4) Transition sample
5) LUNA-C - Fuck Orrrff!!!
6) Transition sample
7) LUNA-C - (Track name unknown)
8) Panacea vs AC Slater - Rave Music Resurrected
9) Jimmy-J & Cru-L-T - DJ's in Full Effect (LUNA-C goes mental remix)
10) Darwin & Obie vs Mr E - Hit you like Thunder
11) Bang The Future - Bodyslam (Billy Bunter and Sparky Remix)
12) (Artist Unknown) - Move your Body
13) Transition sample
14) Soundbites - CrazyHyperShit
15) LUNA-C - Piano Confusion (Hatrixx Remix)
16) AC Slater - Rough Bitch
17) LUNA-C - Piano Confusion (Hatrixx Remix)
18) Moby - Feeling so Real (original)

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