MIXES DISOWNED - STUDIO 77 (THE GLOBE) - 6th November 04' Hot

DISOWNED - STUDIO 77 (THE GLOBE)  - 6th November 04'

This was one of my first experiences of playing out and running an event in london, me and some friends under the name of Studio77, took over a room at the squatted Pleasure Rooms in Tottenham, the place had previously been used by the anarchist group, The Wombles. There was crazy graff everywere and the venue was half fallen down and filled with rubbish.. crazy weekend!!.. The party ran for over 24hours and I got to play a 2hour set and at a prime time!. Really learnt a lot that weekend... big shout goes out to si, ant and ian... much love goes out to you all.. (Disowned 2011)

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