MIXES DISOWNED - BRAINDROP - 3rd November 06' (BD09 studio mini mix)

DISOWNED - BRAINDROP - 3rd November 06' (BD09 studio mini mix)

OK BRAINDROP here I come!!!. This mix will be given away on the night in question in CD form to whoever manages to stay until the very end. This is a compressed version of set I will play at the event as I was only allowed 40 mins of the CD to allow time for the McMash Clan mix. Some of the mixes are the same as the Neo Rave mix but there are some mentalist new ones as well, including a disturbing mix between Darren Styles / Save Me and a Nicky Nutz Breakcore track given to me by Stivs of Life4Land. Also there are some tasty samples from the AMAZING new vinyl just released on Brain Damage Records.... enjoy.. si xx

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