MIXES DISOWNED - BRAINDROP 2nd February 07' - (BD12 studio mix - Disowned Birthday set)

DISOWNED - BRAINDROP 2nd February 07' - (BD12 studio mix - Disowned Birthday set)

First Id like to say a big "your fucking amazing" to Kumar, Dougy and Chris for making Braindrop what it is today and for giving me the opportunity to play to an amazing crowd that was full of people I know and love on my 27th Birthday.... Big respect to DJ Macca for traveling all the way from birkenhead to meet me in person for the first time...shouts to Vyelle, Sam, Talro, Isis, Charly, Aryan, Pat, Nick, Colm, Nat, Chiara, Grace, Ruth, Rosie, Fred, Marysia, Skinny, Elle, Anna, Phil, both Justins, Sam Willot and Rory Kong, Roland, Sarah, Lei, Dhruva, Rowan, Steve, Meg, Little Chris, (sorry anyone ive left out) and last but by no means least Rupert A.K.A BASS6. This man is a legend and I wouldnt' be with the amazing people im with now if it wasnt' for him. MAX Reeeeeespect m8!!!. This mix is an exact copy of the set I played on the nite with a few minor added extras, Still a fair few choons in this mix that were in the Yardcore mix but fuck it, Had to play a bangin set and those choons are just that....bangin!!.. si xxx

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