MIXES DISOWNED - ORCHESTRASH - 21st July 07' (ORCH01 studio mix)

DISOWNED - ORCHESTRASH - 21st July 07' (ORCH01 studio mix)

Geo and LX booked me to play a set of Hardcore Breaks and Breakcore For the launch of ORCHESTRASH @ The Purple Turtle, on Sat 21st of July in Camden.I had different ideas and decided to chuck just about everything else I play in as well!. The result is a set that im probably more proud of than any other ive laid down to date. The set starts with a unique Orchestrash intro before moving into Hardcore Breaks and Old Skool for the first 15mins. Then we do a quick sample twist and drop into a freeform hardcore choon gone breakbeat before slamming in the 4/4 kick drum with the mighty CLSM. After that it all gets a bit random with euphoric breakdowns from Gammer, dark interludes from The Panacea, Heavy breakcore from Soundbytes and Hattrix and heavy freeform from the likes of Cube::Hard, Marc Smith, Obie One vs Darwin and Arkitech. The last 10mins is a relentless assault on the ears in the form of some of the heaviest Breakcore / Gabba I could find!!! Mate I had sooooooo much fun creating this mix.. It also has my DJ name sample chucked in 4 Times, more than any other mix ive created so you can see how carried away I got with this one. If you have downloaded alot of my sets before you may feel that Ive played quite alot of this material in previous sets. This is true but Im being asked to do sets every month and due to my unique style its extremly hard to find totaly new material every time. I feel that this mix is the best blend of some of my most sought after choons so im gonna pull the "artistic licence" card on this one...LOL Take care of yourselves and hope you enjoy the ride!!!.... .

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