MIXES DISOWNED - EZ RAVE CD MIX - 18th Januray 08'

DISOWNED - EZ RAVE CD MIX  - 18th Januray 08'

EZ RAVE was meant to be a one off event done on the cheap by me and dudgy to make us a bit of cash on the side. It turned out to be a total riot with the place going to full capacity by 11.30!. All the sets were amazing and the vibes were flowing hard with it feeling like an old Braindrop rinse out from days gone by. A big thankyou goes out to all the acts including, Late Day Breakers, !NONSTOPDISCO!, Paranoia Club, Voodootronix, Sketch, ED COX and of course the legendary McMASH. Also a big shout goes out to Ganga MC who got on the mic and hyped the rave hungry EZ RAVE crowd. This set is from the free CD / Flyer pack that we gave away on the nite. If youve got one of those at home look after it as there are only 75 copies out there.

(PS there could be another EZ RAVE yet... maybe?)


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