This was one of the best Graffiti Breakz events that we have had in a while and im sure eveyone who was there on the night would say the same thing. The good vibes were flowing hard all night long with a good crowd of very familiar faces turning up way before 10pm!!!. The Junkyard Scientists were absolutley amazing and set the standard very high for everyone playing after them, all the DJs on that nite were up to the challenge including myself as I feel I pulled it off pretty tight set, it went down a treat and Cutter was on form with his usual mix of Old Skool flavour and witty banter, at one point he spells out my DJ name only to realise hes running out of space and quickly blurts out the last three letters only to follow it with "nearly lost it there but its ok, ive still got it". Wicked mate makes me laugh every time. All in all the night was great, we even had a massive contingency of ravers come back to out house for a good old sesh' afterwards, including some new faces wed' met that nite from a near by uni, hello jake and sam if ya happen to be reading this!!. .. : )

Now for some news...

We are very happy to inform you the we will be moving venue for 2009. The new venue will probably have a 6am licence so we can carry on raving till everyones trully satisfied!. In the mean time we will be having a break with the next Graffiti Breakz to be happening sometime in April or May, I for one defo need a break but dont dispare, we will return with even more fresh new ideas and unique artists and DJs...

till then have a wicked 2009 and respect for supporting us since Graffiti Breakz 001# back in June 2007... : )


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