MIXES Disowned - Tinnitus - 10th April 09'

Disowned - Tinnitus - 10th April 09'

The Tinnitus that I  performed this set at was by far my most enjoyed outing to sheffield to date, receiving the best crowd reaction that I have ever received at a Tinnitus event. I went for a much more 4/4 orientated set with heavy use of the new free downloads from the website. Theres loads of tracks in here that I was just itching to play to a really responsive crowd and thats exactley what I got!. The Omen sound track remix is just explosive plus the CLSM move on remix is just spine tingeling every time I hear it, all in all id have to say.... I REALLY LIKE THIS SET... thanks for having me down guys!.. Tinnitus will now be taking a much heavier part in BDR with a large amount of live sets from past events appearing on our pages in the next few monthes, keep your eyes on the gabba - Breakcore - Speedcore mixes section as most music from Tinnitus is on the fuckin hard as nails side of things...

Track list...

1) King of the Jungle / The Panacea (DJ Skud's Burnt out Raver remix)
2) Smells Like a Lawsuit / Luna-C
3) Transition Sample
4) Lovin / Raggamuffin vs The Trashman
5) Transition Track
6) Wot For? Not Sure / DJ TC vs Luna-C
7) Wings / DJ Wonter (Luna-C remix)
8) Transition Sample
9) Fuck Orff! / Luna-C
10) Badgers on Acid / DJ Badger (Hardcore mix)
11) The Sound / Luna-C
12) Secret Weapon / Luna-C
13) Sweet / DJ Evil (Friez & Jakazid remix)
14) Party People / AC Slater & Brak
15) Move on / CLSM (Ambush remix)
16) Kniteforce Megamix 2007 / Luna-C
17) Help 2009 / Luna-C
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