MIXES Disowned - Braindrop (Hidden) - 9th August 09'

Disowned - Braindrop (Hidden) - 9th August 09'

I think I can safely say that I enjoyed putting this set together more that any other set Ive prepared for a gig this year!. This was mainly due to the legends that are Luna-C, CLSM and Dave Skywalker for releasing and supplying me with some outstanding new tracks in the few weeks leading up to the event. The "Hits You Like Thunder" release from Darwin, Obie and MR.E is an absolute Slammer and will sit proudly in my sets for many monthes to come!. That along with the tracks I managed to extract from Luna-C's Supersets including the unforgetable "99 Red Balloons 2009 RMX" made this Braindrop one of my best raves of Summer 09'. I done my best to take the Braindrop ravers on a journey through as many shades of the Hardcore/Rave/Breakcore sound that I love within the 1 hour set that I was given' and I think my plan came to its ultimate climax with another track that Ive as of yet, failed to mention. Dave Skywalkers' Antiques Roadshow Breakcore remix. If you havnt' heard it yet your in for a seriously sublime rave deliacy!. Also because I was playing a late set I got to play for an extra 25 mins making this nearly as long as normal McMASHCLAN Braindrop rinseout. MC Cutter was on top form, never failing to hype the crowd whilst taking the piss out of me, himself and the ravers at every oppertunity!. In the end my set went on for so long he had to slip out for a sly fag before the last tune was over!. Very unprofessional m8! : ) Unfortunatly the mixer seemed to malfunction in a strange way that I cant quite get my head around, but basicaly the mic didnt come out on the Recording for the first 45 mins of the set meaning Cutters lyrical talent doesnt make its entrance till Eskimo's bangin Recycled track. Sorry Cutter must have been divine intervention!!! : )

Track list...

1) BD032 Intro
2) Journey to the Chill Tunnel / CLSM
3) You Are Mine / Entity vs CLSM & Nikki Mak
4) Transition track
5) Feel It / Orbit 1
6) Husikam Rave Dojo / Venetian Snares
7) Feel It / Orbit 1
8) Crowd Control / AC Slater
9) 99 Red Balloons (Remix) / Luna-C (Unreleased)+
10) Chaos on Parade / Luna-C
11) Secret Weapon / Luna-C
12) Hits You Like Thunder / Darwin & Obie vs MR.E
13) Time's Trouble / Shanty (The Panacea Remix)
14) Fuck Orff! / Luna-C
15) Transition sample / Luna-C (Unreleased)+
16) Track Name Unknown / Luna-C (Unreleased)+
17) Transition sample
18) Recycled / Eskimo
19) Transition sample
20) Put Ya Hands Up / Seduction & Gammer (2006 remix)
21) Transition sample
22) Micro N2 / Cube::Hard
23) No Dance Start The Goods / Soundbites
24) Antiques Roadshow / Dave Skywalker (Smashed the Owl mix)
25) Dont Go RMX 2009 / Luna-C (Unreleased)+
26) Track Name Unknown / Luna-C (Unreleased)+++
27) My Angel / Luna-C (DJ Psycangle remix)
28) Help 2009 / Luna-C*
29) Lovin / Raggamuffin vs Trashman
30) Transition track
31) Wot For? Not sure / DJ TC vs Luna-C
32) Wings / DJ Wonter (Luna-C remix)
33) Sweet / DJ Evil (Friez & Jakazid remix)

+(Extracted from Luna-c's Supaset-8.Re-edited by Disowned)
++(Extracted from Luna-c's Supaset-7.Re-edited by Disowned)
+++(Extracted from Luna-c's Supaset-6)
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