MIXES DISOWNED - GRAFFITI BREAKZ (The Resurrection) - 31st October 09' (Studio mix)

DISOWNED - GRAFFITI BREAKZ (The Resurrection) - 31st October 09' (Studio mix)

This is my set from Graffiti Breakz Resurrection back in october 09'. I was playing straight after CTRL-Z so I had to keep the set a bit lighter than my usual onslaught for at least the first half hour. I went for a big slice or rave breakz cut with some other select tracks that id picked up over the previous few months. The live version of this sent went wrong due to some problems with the sound desk in room 1. Therefore this is a studio version not the live recording.

Track List...

1) The Prodigy - Omen Reprise
2) The Flashback Project - Drum Beats
3) Bang The Future - Bodyslam (Mr Dan and Sparks remix)
3) Slipmatt - Hear Me (Junki Munki Remix)
4) Kanji Kinetic - Deep Down South
5) Runningman - Tripper
6) Man Bear Pig - Can You Oldskool
7) The McMash Clan - Some Star 69 Justice
8) Transition Sample
9) The Prodigy - Warriors Dance (Album mix)
10) The KLF - What Time is Love (Organ Donorz Remix)
11) Altern8 - Activ8 (Organ Donorz Remix)
12) Radiophonic Oddity - Sky is falling
13) Idealz - Gloom

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