MIXES DISOWNED - GRAFFITI BREAKZ (Bassline Samurai) - 1st May 10'

DISOWNED - GRAFFITI BREAKZ (Bassline Samurai) - 1st May 10'

Big basslines and and even bigger slices of rave were the order of the night back at Graffiti Breakz Bassline Samurai.This set is by far the most bassline that I have managed to put together to date (may 2010) and even though we didnt get the lyrical talents of MC Cutter come out on the recording im still well buzzin for it!!. kanji kinetic was kind enough to give me a massive folder of music just before the event, which meant I had a great time mashing up the splatterbass flavas!!!.(track list comin soon)

Track list ...

1) GB12 Intro - Disowned
2) Party Like Us - Ac Slater
3) Stars (Ac Slater Rmx) - Moby
4) Big Yellow Smiley Faces' - The Squire Of Gothos
5) Feeling You - Portal -
6) Disco Vibrator - Kanji Kinetic
7) Splatter Bass Feat Shiftee Moova (Penny For The Dj Rmx) - Kanji Kinetic
8) Party Like Us (Kanji Kinetic Rmx) - AC Slater
9) One For The Raverz - Sike
10) Warrior's Dance (Album Version) - The Prodigy
11) Turn The Music Up (Ac Slater Rmx) - Math Head
12) Flavour (Kanji Kinetic Rmx) - Jeuce
13) Good Sensation - The McMash Clan
14) Blade (Jon Doe&Kutski Rmx) - Warp Brothers
15) Dark Rain - Current Value
16) Pump The Kin - Shitmatt
17) Ready 2 Rumble (Panacea Rmx) - Luna-C & Dj Dair
18) Raggin Me - De-Fazed
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